Planet Energy, LLC

Planet Energy, LLC

South-Central Kentucky

This region of Kentucky has been very active when it comes to oil and gas, both in the past and recently. Many old and abandoned wells from shallow drilling depths (<2,000 feet) with past production are worthy candidates for reworking/deepening in today’s oil market.  Like many areas in Tennessee, south-central Kentucky has a rich and complicated geologic history. Subsurface structures associated with the top of the Knox Dolomite continue to offer prime drilling targets.

  • Kettle Creek Field

Planet Energy is actively leasing and developing the once abandoned Kettle Creek oil field, which is located near the Monroe-Cumberland County line and the Tennessee-Kentucky state line.  Geologically, it lies within the Cumberland Saddle of the Cincinnati Arch, and more specifically, the northern flank of the Nashville Dome.  Here, all Planet Energy wells, along with the majority of past successful wells in the Kettle Creek area, produce high quality oil from the Stones River limestone.


B.Burnette #2 flowing oil naturally



Pumpjack on B. Burnette #1


Sidewall view in the B. Burnette #1 of an oil and gas show in the Stones River limestone.  White line = about 1 inch.

Sidewall view inside the B. Burnette #1 well of a fracture in Stones River limestone. Oil and gas are entering at the red circles. White line = about 1 inch.


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