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  • North-Central

Historically, this region (part of the Eastern Highland Rim geologic province and Cumberland Saddle) has been the hotspot for oil exploration in Tennessee, and continues to be for several small independent producers. Counties here include Overton, Pickett, Clay, and Fentress. By far the most oil production in TN occurs today in Overton County (over 100,000 total barrels in 2012). Planet Energy holds leases throughout this very active region, with all locations based on detailed geologic study.

Geologic provinces in central Tennessee

  • Western Highland Rim

Planet Energy has drilled and currently holds leases comprising about 90,000 acres in west-central Tennessee. This region is known geologically as the Western Highland Rim. Primarily, only the shallow formations of the Devonian-Mississippian, Silurian, and Middle and Upper Ordovician ages have been tested for potential hydrocarbon production here, offering great promise for production from Knox, Conasauga, and Rome Formations.  For a detailed prospectus or interested in learning more about our operations in this mostly unexplored area, just send us an email.


Drilling on the Western Highland Rim of Tennessee


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